Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Examining and Identifying Mammalian Skulls

Skull Observations Activity                                                            Ms. Ng Chung

Examine mammalian skulls and note their adaptations for finding food and eating. 

Part 1
Examine three diagrams of “mystery skulls”.  Label and identify them. 

Part 2
Examine actual specimens.  Examine key characteristics such as
Parts of skull : Eye sockets, nasal passages, auditory bullae, Foramina, Horns, Antlers, especially teeth.


1.  Draw specimens carefully and label the parts of the skull (as above).
2. Write their a.  characteristics.  b. Identify them as the following taxanomic order : 

                  Ungulates - Herbivore – ruminant
                  Rodents - Herbivore
                  hares and rabbits - Herbivore
  1. give evidence for your thoughts. 

  1. bonus:  attempt to make a positive identification.  (this is really challenging!!!! As we only have fragments of some of these). 

Hand in your work.