Sunday, March 4, 2012

Homework for Biology 11

On Thursday, there will be a mc test on the following content:

molluska notes
flatworms and roundworms
kingdom animalia
cnidaria and porifera
Some notes on arthropoda

And you ought to bring to class your own set of notes on the following for which there will be an open book assignment:
annelida (key words, bolded)
echinodermata (key words, bolded)
arthropoda compare and contrast the different subphyla for life history and mouthparts and adaptations.

This will finish our animalia unit.  

Be sure to vote on BC Green Games. There are prizes for projects with lots of votes.  This funding can be used to promote sustainability at PW - particularly PW garden.    Many bi 11s and ex-trekkies were very involved with these projects:
PW sustainability Prezi

bog buddy program

PW Community Garden Blog

Plan-It Earth Student Conference

I love the site BC Green Games because it demonstrates the power for positive change initiated by youth, supported by teachers.  PW has a pretty good track record of this through its leadership program.