Thursday, December 13, 2012

Consent Form For the Beaty Museum and Sustainable Building Tour

Reminders for next weeks events:

Monday: microbiology quiz.  this includes notes as well as information in the disease slide presentation
Wednesday:  field trip to UBC.  Download the consent form
Friday:  Microbial wine and cheese AND virus/bacteria model due.

Our field trip:
We will meet at the CK Choi building and do a walkabout in and around the building.  Microbes are used to take care of the waste in this building.Next, we will proceed to the CIRS building and then make our way to the Beaty museum so we may enter at 10am when it opens.  The Beaty Museum is a research collection of biodiversity. It is like a library.  It's primary purpose is archival. The public is invited to come and take a peek at the specimens.  The flagship specimen is a huge blue whale skeleton collected from the shores of Prince Edward Island.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Quiz on Microbiology: December 17th

based on the microbiology notes and disease slideshow.  this is our last quiz of 2012!

Disease activity

slideshow on disease for our Centre for Disease Control activity:  

Next day we will be doing the CDC activity.  Here are useful links:

Very generalized differences between viral and bacterial infections

A list of bacterial pathogens and viral pathogens (note the error under viral pathogens: botulism is not a viral disease - gov't of australia website made a mistake here!). some of the pathogens are particular to Australia, but others are common worldwide (such as measles, meningitis, salmonella, influenza).  These sites are easy to navigate.

 a more comprehensive list of viral pathogens .  this list is undergraduate level.

Airborne Diseases

            Preventing airborne diseases case study: a viral airborne disease (SARS)

Managing an airborne disease case study:  a bacterial airborne disease (TB)


dine safe website: a comprehensive list of health inspection reports for any restaurant!

Animal vector:
            Vertebrates mainly :

Insect vector: note only the ones caused by virus and bacteria:


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Microbiology, An Introduction

Today you will go over the Introduction to Microbiology Notes, which cover Virus, and Monerans, with a mention of unicellular fungi.  You will also be given our Microbial Wine and Cheese assignment.  due date TBA.  And finally, our virus in a box assignment: below:

Make a model of a virus or bacterium of your choice.  Make it out of any material.  It must fit within a shoebox. 

the model:  10
it is complete and presented well: 4
the write up is on the outside of the shoebox:  6 marks:

bonus marks for the best three assignments.

   on the sides of the shoebox: 
side 1:  name of the virus or bacterium and a description
side 2:  disease that it causes in humans
side 3:  what is your name, draw a picture of yourself and describe a disease you had in the past (not the same disease that is in the box.
side 4:  a picture of the virus.