Friday, May 6, 2016

Bog Buddy Schedule on May 9

Our Gladstone consent form was signed to give permission for the following schedule:

1.  Meet at school at 830 for attendance
2.  Leave school to catch the 25 UBC together to go to Camosun bog
3.  Go to Camosun bog ETA 10am
4.  Review your bog stations and rehearse your program (Mr. Ho's students will act as your audience)
5.  11:30 Ms. Wilson's elementary class will arrive and we will divide into groups
6.  Go through bog stations
7.  Say thank you and good bye at approximately 1pm.  The program might end a little earlier or later depending on when the elementary class arrives.
8.  Dismissal will be at Camosun bog

We officially moved two biology classes to May 9 which is a day off for you.  Therefore, you are granted the next two biology classes off.  By signing your consent form, your parents and guardians  gave permission for you to attend school starting at silent reading on the following dates: May 10, May 12, 2016.  After these dates, our biology class will continue at the usual time.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Camosun Bog Project

 Friday: bog rehearsal and bog orientation: flashcards due
 bog story and games due for peer review

Monday:  Meet at school at 8:30 10 marks
walk to bus stop at 8:45 sharp
board bus at 9:00
 Bog Buddy program rehearsal with mr. Ho's class. 10:00

Second tour with ms Wilson's class at 11:30


1. Create an illustrated narrative about the bog in form of a story book. Include the
following key points:
1. 15000 years ago: ice age
2. 10000 years ago: ice melted, leaving a lake in camosun bog
3. 6000 years ago: sphagnum moss, the keystone species of the bog began to grow
4. dead moss turned into peat
5. peat did not decay due to bog conditions:
1. high water table
2. acid conditions
3. low oxygen
4. low nutrients

6. more bog plants came and the ecosystem became stable:
1. besides sphagnum moss
2. labrador tea
3. kalmia
4. arctic starflower
5. pinus contorta
6. sundew
7. bog blueberry

7. 100 years ago, vancouver was built: drains removed the water from the bog.
Water table went down. Bog plants died and became soil. Invasive plants arrived:
8. Camosun bog restoration group restored the bog: removed the soil: lowered the
soil level, reintroduced bog plants, removed the invasives.

2. Make flashcards about the bog. See file called “bog plants to know”. Create a game
for the flashcards. Include both invasives and native species.
3. Go to the bog station rehearsal and familiarize yourself with the bog stations. 5
minutes per station.
4. Present your learning materials during the bog buddy tour.


Diego Marcus
April, Cynthia
Sharon L Dayne
Bonnie Jenni Lei
Mazhar Leon Abdhulli
Sophie Stephanie
David Vincent
Henry Jackie
Mandy Helen, Sharon Karen
Zeba Janis Lisa Alecia


Kim N