Monday, April 16, 2018

Biology Open Book Quiz: Identify the parasite and draw a cartoon

The photocopy room has blank sheets of paper.  Find these and use them to do the following
assignment:  This is due at the end of class: 30 marks

15 marks:  you answered the question correctly
10 marks: the presentation is neat,  and in pen or ink
 5 marks: you use colour and it is creative

In the following scenarios, write down
1. Which parasitic worm are causing the symptoms and situations. Draw a cartoon of how the parasite infected the host in this situation
2.  Draw the life cycle of the parasite
3.  How is the parasite treated

Use this as a reference

Watch this video before you do the assignment

1.  Tom drank water that was not sterilized while he lived in Ghana.  Before long, he noticed that there was something strange under his skin.  It looked like there was a piece of string under his skin on his leg

2.  Angie was walking barefoot at a park.  After a few months, she began to notice that she felt weak.  She suffered from anemia

3.  Read this account of a parasite on the playground  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/16/health/toxocara-children-new-york-playgrounds.html

4.   Read an account of a parasite from fish