Thursday, September 16, 2010

classification and camosun bog

The first set of notes you received is a review of the cell and the cell organelles.  Today we reviewed our classification notes and went over the species found in a bog. we defined the word
heterotrophic - an organism which cannot synthesize its own glucose, it must ingest complex organic molecules such as glucose, starch, fat, etc, to obtain energy.    
 autotrophic- an organism which is capable of synthesizing its own glucose or other organic molecule.  prime example of an autotroph is anything that photosynthesizes.  
 Our bog lecture describes the primary abiotic conditions found in a bog.  we reviewed some of the bog species.  (see class notes, term 1)

We had our first quiz out of five marks, class average was 4/5.  daily review of our two column class notes is highly recommended.  I mentioned in an earlier class of

A reminder to everyone to bring their class fee next block so we can start going out on our trips