Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Sustainability Projects - consent form due next period - updated form

During April and May we will

  • Study Kingdom Plantae:  Here are notes 1 and notes 2 for download.  Note that brown algae and red algae is no longer a part of Kingdom Plantae and is now considered to be Protozoans according to evolutionary biologists
  • Embark on two major sustainability projects: our major projects for term 3
    • Sustainability Tour:  dates are April 23 bi 11 pre-visit.  April 25, visit grade 8, April 27, visit CIRS building and CK Choi building with grade 8s.
    • Bog Buddy please note that for the saturday work parties, the dates are incorrect in the doc. the actual dates are: 14th of April and 21th of April 
    • consent form for both projects
  • Monitor and care for the radishes and spinach we planted in one of the school garden beds!

Hand in your consent next period please

In mid-May, we will focus on preparing for our final exam.