Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fossil Lab

There was a lecture on Geological time, a video on why we ought to be grateful to be related to jawed ancestors, and also box sets of fossils, which, like chocolate boxes, come with a nice legend so you can see which one to sample first.  This lab will take two periods, after which, you will hand in your colour coded geological timeline with your observations of known and unknown fossil specimens.

Fossil stations include:
1.  comparative anatomy of modern and fossil animals:  boxed samples
2.  Wards fossil box (little samples, use the lenses)
3.  unknown sample set, mainly plants,  including a gingko fossil, with some modern gingko for comparison
4.  Texas Cordova Shell limestone, dating back to the cretaceous, and featuring Trigonia, a clam-like shell and turritella, a tightly spiraled snail-like creature.

Draw, observe, place in the correct location on the timeline and hand in wednesday.