Thursday, December 13, 2012

Consent Form For the Beaty Museum and Sustainable Building Tour

Reminders for next weeks events:

Monday: microbiology quiz.  this includes notes as well as information in the disease slide presentation
Wednesday:  field trip to UBC.  Download the consent form
Friday:  Microbial wine and cheese AND virus/bacteria model due.

Our field trip:
We will meet at the CK Choi building and do a walkabout in and around the building.  Microbes are used to take care of the waste in this building.Next, we will proceed to the CIRS building and then make our way to the Beaty museum so we may enter at 10am when it opens.  The Beaty Museum is a research collection of biodiversity. It is like a library.  It's primary purpose is archival. The public is invited to come and take a peek at the specimens.  The flagship specimen is a huge blue whale skeleton collected from the shores of Prince Edward Island.