Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sustainability and third term

In April and May our focus will be sustainability.  We will embark on a
SUSTAINABILITY UNIT  learning outcome:  create working models and learning materials relating to sustainability in our region. Due end of April

BOG BUDDY PROJECT Program.  Due mid may

Finally, we will conduct a long term observation of the biodiversity in an area by
creating a transect and observing an area such as the Kerrisdale Ravine, or observing wildlife, or creating a species inventory of a trail in Pacific Spirit Park.   Due in mid June.

In June we will have  a final exam.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Animalia Assignment

create a table describing the life processes (like feeding, respiration, circulation, response to env, getting rid of waste, interacting with other organisms, habitat, etc)

platyhelminthese:  tapeworm planaria
cnidaria:  obelia, hydra, scyphozoa, sea anemone
nematoda:  hookworm, ascaris
molluska:  squid, clam/oyster/scallop, snail

arthropoda:  horseshoe crab, spider, crab, grasshopper
echinodermata:  sea urchin, sea star

This is due second last day of class before spring break

select animalia notes

molluska notes
flatworms and roundworms
kingdom animalia
cnidaria and porifera
Some notes on arthropoda

And Dr. Wayne Maddison's jumping spider video:  click on the picture below

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You Animal!

intro to kingdom animalia.  there will be a 10 mark quiz next period on the contents of these notes up to the section on endoderm, ectoderm and mesoderm

intro to cnidaria and porifera
Today we will review key concepts in kingdom Animalia and look at sections of earthworm and ascaris to compare the body plans of these animals.  You will discover whether you are a protostome or deuterstome.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Welcome back. Beaty museum and Protozoa notes

For those who didn't make it for the Beaty trip the first time, here is your second chance to go on the trip: BEATY MUSEUM FIELD TRIP JAN 15 CONSENT FORM.

Today we went over Kingdom protista.  Notes are here.