Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Microbiology test

There will be a multiple choice test (kudos to the Theatre students on the  Gladstone drama show!!) on the following 

The slideshow on disease

and for those involved in the fabulous drama show, I need to see your notes on the following video up to 45 minutes. There will be four viruses in the documentary:  SARS, Spanish Flu, Small Pox, Ebola

For each of the  viruses tell me:
1.  What are the factors that caused the emergence of the virus (what started it?)
2.  What are the symptoms of the virus?
3.  How was the illness treated?
4.   What was the disease vector(s) involved with spreading the disease?
5.  What steps were taken to control and stop the outbreak?
6. Why do people track birds for studying human viruses?