Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tsunami Relief

Some notes on parasites:
Platyhelminthes and Nematoda

The World Health Organization has sent your team to a remote Sumatran seaside village.  The basic infrastructure of the village has been destroyed.  There is no longer any sewage, drinking water or electricity.  People are cooking using gas stoves.  Livestock such as pigs, cows and chickens are roaming the wreckage.
A freshwater stream drains into the ocean.  This stream is currently being used for laundry, sewage, bathing and drinking water.  Furthermore, there is an infestation of mosquitoes due to the presence of standing water.

Assuming that all the major examples of parasitic worms occur in this area, what three parasites do you think would cause the most severe health problems?

Choose three parasites to focus on.

1. Identify the major risk factors that can lead to people becoming infected.
2. What symptoms would you expect people to have that would indicate infection?  How would you know that people are infected?
3. What are your recommendations for treatment?
4. What are your recommendations for prevention given that it could take months before the infrastructure is restored?

Your assigment may take the format of
1. A pamphlet for the general public
2. A strategic plan:  An essay and illustrations :  a report for the local authorities
3. An educational poster for the public
4. Choose your own format

Evaluation:   Content:   10
Written expression and drawings: 10
Creativity:         10