Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Next tuesday, I will give you a Final Assignment for biology 11.  This activity is collaborative and open book.
you may join together with a group of up to four to create a biology 11 summary including the following; 

Each topic worth 10 points.  I expect a thorough summary containing all key words in context (5) with illustrations (3)  that are neatly and clearly presented in pen (2)
70 marks

1.  title page
2. table of contents
3.  a one page summary of Classification 
5. What you learned at the Aquarium about Animalia, choose one;
6. Microbiology
7.  What you learned about Owls from the Owl rescue people
8. What you learned about disease vectors and how to deal with an outbreak.
slideshow on disease for our Centre for Disease Control activity.
9.  Impress me.  Write about a topic not covered above.

Those who still need a plantae test can arrange to do it the same day.