Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lab 1: Observe Biological Specimens and infer adaptations

Today we will practice drawing biological specimens.  For each specimen

Make a drawing of each specimen

Skeleton 1
Skeleton 2
Skeleton 3

bush with brown hairs - labrador tea
bush with shiny leaves - kalmia

polytrichum moss - under the microscope under low power
Sundew - small plant with red on its leaves
cranberry - tiny vine

1.  Half of a page
2.  Draw slowly and carefully
3.  Identify the correct kingdom of the specimen
a.  write some of the adaptations of this organism.  Adaptations are characteristics or behaviours which help an organism survive and reproduce in the environment
b.  write about how this organism may be similar to two other specimens
c.  write about how this organism is different from two other specimens

4.  Identify one omnivore heterotroph in this sample

5.  Identify at least one herbivore heterotroph

6.  Identify at least two carnivores in this sample.