Monday, November 21, 2016

EVOLUTION NOTES and FIELD TRIP FORM: note field trip will be in January to give us time to collect $ and forms

Biology 11 students will continue to have a lesson on the following notes
How evolutionary change occurs
There is a worksheet to work through and the teacher will go over concepts

Please fill in this online consent form and EMAIL YOUR AFFECTED TEACHERS the link to the field trip letting them know you would like to attend and asking them.  It is essential they are notified ASAP

Evolution is so amazing.  Every animal, plant, fungi in every ecosystem out there evolved a perfect set of adaptations or characteristics which they inherited from their parents.  Look at this freshly hatched marine Iguana.  It's just come out of its egg laid in the sand and it must make it to the top of the volcanic rocks without getting caught by the racer snake.
Watch this video and make a list of at least five adaptations on the Iguana and five on the snake.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 18 and 21 Biology classes

On November 18, students will do an evolution worksheet based on the following evolution notes
Please go over these notes and fill in the blanks in the INTRO TO EVOLUTION.  There will be some students who need to take the plant evolution test.  
How evolutionary change occurs

also images from a discussion on
punctuated equilibrium
natural selection

On November 21, students will work through a dichotomous key activity on the desk to be handed in.  Students will work on it individually.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Reminder for the Test coming up on November 16 and 17 and also a field trip to the Beaty Museum coming up

Study package

 a practice test based on some reading
Webquest on Plant Evolution
powerpoint on plants and also notes
our latest Plant lab to examine the structures of different plants.  
a really EASY CLASSIFICATION worksheet 
Classification, addendum:  define heterotroph, autotroph

our field trip to Beaty Museum IS NOW TENTATIVELY SCHEDULED FOR DEC15
Fill in THE ONLINE CONSENT WHEN IT BECOMES AVAILABLE and hand in the paper form too

Video on Alternation of Generation in NonVascular Plants

Note that while the sporophyte and sporangium is 2n or diploid, the spores which eventually turn into new gametophytes are (n) or haploid.  As you watch the video, he's a little unclear on that particular point

Thursday, November 3, 2016

update on that test

This test is now scheduled to be on November 16 on day2 and 17 on day1.  Sorry for the delay.  I'm down with the flu and I hope you are able to review the practice test questions on friday.