Friday, January 27, 2017

Slime Mold, Restaurant inspections and Test in your first biology 11 block next week

Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan 31, Feb 1

Review these note packages for our test protozoa notes    and the Introduction to Microbiology Notes
You ought to be familiar with all examples. 

Today we looked at slime mold and also listened to a Quirksand Quarks episode on slime mold that can learn

Today we went over microbiology- kingdom Monera and we looked at the Vancouver coastal health inspection reports.   plus we sampled bacteria to grow on petri dishes.  We will not handle these bacteria, only superficially observe the first few colonies that emerge.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Monday, January 16, 2017

Viruses and Monerans

Note that the evolution retest will take place next block
Today you will go over the Introduction to Microbiology Notes, which cover Virus, and Monerans, with a mention of unicellular fungi.  We will likely only have time to review the lytic and lysogenic cycle today.

You can also continue with your notes on microbiology.  

  • Attachment
  • Entry & degradation of host's DNA
  • Synthesis of new viruses 
    • duplication of virus' genetic material
    • creation of new virus parts
  • Assembly of parts into new viruses
  • Release of new viruses

video shows lytic cycle

 steps to the lysogenic cycle:  memorize AEIM
  • Attachment
  • Entry (no degradation of host DNA)
  • Integration using integrase enzyme
  • Mitosis
    • Host+virus DNA duplicated
    • cytokinesis
  • A virus that uses the lysogenic life cycle is termed either a provirus or prophage. What causes various proviruses to shift to the lytic cycle is not completely understood, but in some cases stress is the stimulus.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Evolution Review for the upcoming test!

You will create two column notes after we review key concepts on
Natural Selection
Punctuated Equilibrium

Test is scheduled for Mon/Tue Jan 9/10