Friday, February 17, 2017

CDC write up format for our disease simulation

CENTRE FOR DISEASE CONTROL    32 marks                               
    Biology 11
Purpose of activity:

  1. Research different disease-causing agents: Virus and Bacteria
  2. Take notes on disease vectors and different virus and bacteria
  3. In class: take part in a disease simulation

  1. As Centre for Disease Control, you have the power to shut down restaurants, quarantine areas, immunize a group, issue a boil water advisory etc.  Your job will be to gather information about the outbreak and decide what to do.

  1. You may ask any question for which the answer is yes or no.

  1. If you decide to do a blood test to test for the presence of a disease organism, you must be very specific.  For example, you cannot say: ”I want to test for a bacterium.  But you could say:  “ I want to test for Stapholococcus Aureus”.  If you decide to prescribe any medication, you must be specific and state the exact medication.  Also, if you wish to vaccinate, you must name the specific virus to vaccinate against.

  1. Every 2 minutes, 2 weeks will pass.  There will be new victims if your actions were not successful

Each person will fill out the outbreak sheet separately.
Bonus marks for the group who correctly names the disease causing organism. AND, bonus for the group whose action stops the outbreak.
CENTRE FOR DISEASE CONTROL             NAME__________________
Symptoms of the disease: ( 5 marks )

Age, sex and other details of the victims: (list victims in order)  ( 5 marks )

Possible disease vector:  (2 marks)              Evidence of this disease vector:                                                                        (10 marks)

         Human contact
                  Blood, mucous, saliva,
                  Feces, sexual contact

List the events of the outbreak and the response of CDC in the order that it took place:  List this accurately and completely.  Number the events and highlight the action that eventually stopped the outbreak
(10 marks)