Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Animal Kingdom

Awesome Bio 11s,

I am very excited to be sharing this experience and to learn from you.

Remember I am always available at the homework room on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school or you may also contact me by leaving me a note in my mailbox or via twitter @msbgladstone.

Here is the UNIT PROJECT with the details of the project, how you will be graded and the self/peer assessment.
The self/peer assessment is 15% of your project grade.

Here is a template to keep your research resources organized as RESEARCH NOTES


Thank you so very much again for your time, your efforts and I very much appreciate your feedback.

As discussed we will be trying out different methods for note taking. Please be mindful that these may or may not work for you. The purpose of note taking is creating solid links between the new concept and your previous experience so the notes HAVE TO MAKE SENSE TO YOU!

The best 5 systems for note taking. We will be trying out SOME of them, not all of them.

What will we be learning about? Let's start with a Frans Lanting VIDEO. As you watch this video keep in mind:

  • are all animals one? How?
  • "the human made it to the cave and laughed" - why did he laugh?
  • "it is our moral responsibility to deal with dramatic loss in diversity of life" - why? 

I challenge you to keep your Evolutionist hat on and look for the whys and the ways a species has adapted to its environment to survive.

  • How is this a positive or negative trait in terms of: 
    • finding shelter
    • reproducing
    • obtaining energy source (food, water, light, etc.)

Mind Mapping - read about the best and the worst of mind mapping, give it a try and see how it feels 
Cornell notes - here is a crash course on how to take effective Cornell notes

MOO MOO HERE...CRUNCH CRUNCH THERE (a bug eating something)

Here is the mind map we created during our first lesson. 
Us and them? how are we (HomoSapiens) related to a tapeworm and all living animals? what gave such large diversity of species?