Friday, November 3, 2017

Compare and Contrast field study

Make a list of the plants you saw at Lighthouse Park and Quarry Rock, Deep Cove.  These are both West Coast Rainforests but they had different conditions.  

Make a table with the following headings and two columns, one column for Lighthouse and one for Quarry.

A Headings
1. Trees list, any difference in species inventory?
2. Bushes list
3. understory such as ferns and mosses
4. Signs of animals

5. Age of the forest comparison.

B  Which of the plants were
a.  seedless nonvascular
b. seedless vascular
c.  gymnosperm
d.  angiosperm

Write a paragraph describing your experience at Quarry Rock hike including the Personal Perception values

1.  LIGHT levels, colour, scenes
3.  AIR quality, scents
4.  movement  of feet over the terrain
5.  mood