Monday, December 4, 2017

Central Park Field Study - Trip plan due on Dec 6

We will meet in class and take attendance. We will depart within 5 minutes of the start of class. If you are late, you will be marked absent.

10 marks - your trip plan is done and handed in
5 marks - your group is on time and present and ready to go
10 marks - you take pictures of the major species of the pacific west coast rain forest while we are there

Safety - Central Park is a large urban park in the lower mainland.  You are expected to stay within your small group at all times as there are occasionally suspicious people in a large urban park

Route - for the class will be as follows once we get to Patterson Station

Trip plan (10 marks)  includes the following:

Names of all group members and their cell phone numbers
A trip itinerary
A list of species you expect to see
Safety considerations in this park
All the consent forms of all members