Monday, March 13, 2017

Camosun Bog Project

Here is the document of the UNIT PROJECT with the details of the project, how you will be graded and the self/peer assessment.
The self/peer assessment is 15% of your project grade.

Quick outline of the project:
You are an expert BOTANIST that will be conducting a guided tour of the Camosun Bog (www.camosunblog.blogspot.ca) to a group of tourists.
Your Brochure will be used as a key piece of information for visitors; it must be attractive to the eye (colours, font, images, etc.) and easy to read (simple language).
- You can create your brochure using templates from MS Word, or MS publisher.
- Your brochure can be a trifold type or a single letter sized page with appropriate designs (attractive to the eye).

Your presentation (5 to 10 min) should focus on the key points that you would want to get across to the Camosun Bog visitors in order to make your plant memorable (WOW factor) and create a sense of urgency in preserving this unique environment. (Focus on why it is important to conserve this ecosystem).
- For your presentation you can:
  - use the brochure you created as an aid to the presentation (electronic brochure through the projector)
  - create a prezi, power point, haiku, etc.
  - create a voice over video

NOODLETOOLS (www.noodletools.com)
5 sources required, at least 1 printed (book, peer reviewed article, magazine, etc.).
You do not need to print your resources, but they do need to be entered into noodletools.
- Steps: 
 - create your source file
 - you may use the notecards option for organizing your information. Once you have created your source, once you create a new notecard you can choose your source from the drop down menu.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Whoever is interested in helping out at the VSB Sustainability Conference as an artist, sign up below

Do you Doodle in Class? Care about Sustainability? The VSB Sustainability Conference wants you!

Do you doodle in class, during meetings? Can't stop drawing if you tried?  We have once again been requested to do youth artist training for youth to draw for other youth at the VSB Sustainability Conference! on May 5, 2017. We need to find at least 20 youth artists to draw for their peers.

The first of two co-design youth artist training sessions will take place on a date to be announced.
We will also warm up on the morning of the conference so you'll be ready to draw for the planning session!  APPLY TO BE AN ARTIST HERE.

What you will learn:
  • Fast visual storytelling techniques that can be used for planning
  • Sketching warm ups
  • Fundamentals of co-design drawing
  • How to draw fearlessly in front of peers
We will take you step by step to draw for the conference!
Ready, set, DRAW!