Monday, January 29, 2018

Rise of Superbugs, NDM-1 and XDRTB

Before 1920, bacterial infections were very difficult to treat.  When antibiotics came into use, they appeared to be a miracle drug, killing all bacteria.  Now, natural selection has caused the emergence of superbugs, or antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Watch the following video and answer the questions below as you watch. Write your answers in pen.
Your presentations on disease is due NEXT PERIOD.  The questions below are due Jan 30, 2018 during class

1.  What kinds of common procedures in hospitals can cause infections?  What was the procedure in the first case?
2.   What are some symptoms of infections of  this superbug?
3.   Everybody who takes antibiotics are giving a chance for a superbug.  Explain how overuse of antibiotics can cause superbugs
4.  In some countries, there is no antibiotic policy.  How can this lead to superbugs?
5.   What is scary about the "NDM-1" gene discovered in India?
6.   Indian researchers suggested that there ought to be international wartime measures to control antibiotics.  What kind of measures did they suggest?
7.   What is the only toxic antibiotic that can kill NDM-1?
8.    In Greece, a patient came home with a superbug.  In the absence of antibiotics, how did they treat the infected bowel?
9.    Drug resistant XDRTB has a high rate of death.  How does the hospital protect other patients from the TB patient?
10.   Why don't Pharmaceutical companies do more to create more antibiotics?
11.   Why is bleach cleaning one of the solutions for hospitals?
12.  If antibiotic won't work, what is the only solution to remove bacteria?

13.  Look on the internet to discover what drugs can be used against
a.   NDM-1
b.   XDRTB

14.  Write about what you would do to prevent antibiotic resistance?

put your name on your sheet and hand it in