Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Final Exam will be June 20th. Make a Study Package

Final will be based directly on these questions/notes

Show me your complete study package that shows the following materials completed:  Make a table of contents and demonstrate you did this: 50 marks for a complete study package

1. Questions on the back of this package Echinodermata
2. a. Do this review sheet on Arthropoda.  Note the mistake under the word "diversity"  Uniramia should say insecta and Chelicerates should say arachnid
2. b.  Platyhelmithes and Nematoda notes here.
3. Molluska notes here.  Know the general characteristics of all mollusks and the key examples
4. Protozoa:  know each of the phyla, locomotion and examples from these notes
5. intro to kingdom animalia
6. intro to cnidaria and porifera
7.  Introduction to Microbiology Notes,
8. evolution
How evolutionary change occurs
9.  Classification is in  these notes