Thursday, September 27, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Summary of what we did today:
class notes:  
Classification, addendum:  define heterotroph, autotroph, eukaryote, prokaryote, multicellular, unicellular.  
identify organisms, according to kingdom, identify bog plants

 Make your own dichotomous key for objects displayed in class

for next day:
THIS CONSENT FORM for camosun bog.

Also, there's a bird hanging out on school grounds!:  I saw two this morning: look around for it!  It sounds like this:  http://www.birdjam.com/birdsong.php?id=8 I heard the "week, week week" sound...It's  a type of woodpecker: The one I saw seemed totally unafraid so I think it's really young.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Setting up for the new term

Welcome to Bi 11.  It was a pleasure to meet you last block.   I have marked all of our initial assignments just for completion to get an idea of your written work.  

For next block, download the following:  notes on classification and dichotomous key of sharks

I would like you to see the instructions below to set up some web-based classroom tools.  The instructions seem very involved - if you need assistance, I will set up a computer station next block specifically to help you set up your nicenet account and your tumblr account, so no worries if you can't do it the first time.

We will use nicenet.org  to share and record selected on-going assignments.  Please create accounts for these websites.  Occasionally there are technical difficulties in setting up these accounts.  I will be happy to assist you.  

  1. Go to nicenet.org and create a username (must match your actual name)
  2. nicenet class key for biology 11 class is:  ZZ406Z9B73
  3. ensure your preferences indicate you will receive email messages as a copy of your nicenet messages.  this will help us communicate with each other

In a group, you will record your learning on a blog.  
Create an account to record your labs and fieldwork.

Step one:  go to this website:  https://www.tumblr.com/register
Step two:  fill in an email address and a password (different from your regular email password)
Step three:  in the URL section, write a word.  tumblr will automatically use that word as your URL

use the default setting. additional settings are extra cost.  use the no cost setting
Read the privacy section on tumblr.

You will create a link to your tumblr account within our nicenet space.  
It is worth noting that our biology 11 blog and nicenet space is within the formal classroom environment.  Your conduct in this internet space should reflect your behaviour in the presence of your teachers, parents and peers in a school setting.