Thursday, November 9, 2017

Test on Plantae Wed Nov 15

The test will be based on this practice test  which you already did based on some reading

Evolution Notes and a Webquest connecting Plants to evolution

Here is the Webquest.  Do this web quest and answer the following questions on the Evolution notes
1.  What is evolution?  2 definitions
2.   Compare macroevolution with microevolution
3.   Divergent evolution leads to adaptive radiation.  Explain these terms
4.   What are Homologous traits? Give examples
5.   Convergent evolution leads to analogous traits.  Give examples
6.   What is an adaptation?  Give examples of bird adaptations

And here are the Evolution notes

evolution, natural selection (see all previous notes in previous posts below)

including this one:
How evolutionary change occurs

also powerpoints on
punctuated equilibrium
natural selection

Friday, November 3, 2017

Compare and Contrast field study

Make a list of the plants you saw at Lighthouse Park and Quarry Rock, Deep Cove.  These are both West Coast Rainforests but they had different conditions.  

Make a table with the following headings and two columns, one column for Lighthouse and one for Quarry.

A Headings
1. Trees list, any difference in species inventory?
2. Bushes list
3. understory such as ferns and mosses
4. Signs of animals

5. Age of the forest comparison.

B  Which of the plants were
a.  seedless nonvascular
b. seedless vascular
c.  gymnosperm
d.  angiosperm

Write a paragraph describing your experience at Quarry Rock hike including the Personal Perception values

1.  LIGHT levels, colour, scenes
3.  AIR quality, scents
4.  movement  of feet over the terrain
5.  mood

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Quarry Rock hike at Deep Cove

Great job for all our biology 11 hikers today.  We looked at second growth rainforest and saw many of the same species as our trip to Lighthouse park. This time, the vine leaf maple, big leaf maple and salmonberry were turning beautiful fall colours.  The conifers we saw were the same, but younger. Those who were on the hike can write a reflection on their experience

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Quarry Rock Hike meet in the classroom November 1, 2017

We are going to the Quarry Rock hike in Deep Cove.
Bring water bottle and food please as this can be a little bit of a work out.  We will watch out for bears, cougars and also be mindful of dehydration on this hike

Your completed trip plan is due tomorrow Friday October 27



The route we will take is as follows
1.  Walk to Nanaimo Station.
2. Nanaimo Station to waterfront.
3.  We will take the Seabus to Lonsdale Quay. Go to Bay 7 
4. Then a  239 Capilano U bus to Phibbs Exchange. Go to  bay 8.  Finally we will go from Phibbs to Deep Cove on the 212 Deep Cove bus.
5.  We will go to the Baden Powell trailhead and  hike to Quarry rock and do a species inventory
6. Eat lunch
7. walk down and dismissal at 1.30pm at Deep Cove.

You may go home using the same route as we took going there. Take 212 Phibbs Exchange bus, then 239 Park Royal bus  and then the Seabus back to Vancouver.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


We are growing lavender cuttings in the greenhouse.  There was an incident in Gladstone Greenhouse . Please help us solve it

Anonymous tips here

Monday, October 16, 2017

Test on Oct 17

Be prepared to answer about 30 detailed multiple choice questions based on all the bolded words from these notes  and also 10 marks long answer will be from the worksheet you worked on from this presentation.   Also 10 marks based on knowing the species we saw from Lighthouse park